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Government Mental Health Screening Comments from Connecticut

(NEW) Missing: Required Information from the TEENSCREEN Proposal

Children’s Social, Emotional & Behavioral Health Plan

A Response To:  Indiana Commission on Mental Health

Indiana P-16 Plan

Smaller Learning Centers

Occasionally, important issues arise that adversely affect so many people that those issues must be addressed with every means possible to attempt to reverse them. Such are the issues that are addressed on this web site. We need your help.

Important issues must not be ignored. For instance, the schools in Indiana and Indianapolis are attempting to change the school system in ways that will drastically alter the academic instructions that has been successful in providing the basic education to young students that has allowed this nation to become the greatest nation that has ever existed.

Indiana P-16 Plan
The Indiana Public School system is attempting to adopt a new education plan known as the “Indiana P-16 Plan”. This plan outlines public control through a pre-natal-to-grave education system that, for starters, will allow the education system to reach into the home to deliver, by law, pre-natal care to the unborn baby and, after birth, deliver “care and experiences” to the child (to seven years of age) that may be totally against those beliefs that the parents desire to teach their own child. It goes on and on. We address this Indiana P-16 Plan in depth.

Smaller Learning Centers
The Indianapolis Public School system is transforming its five high schools into Smaller Learning Centers. This is eye-wash. The schools will not be smaller, the present large schools will be divided into five smaller sections of about 400 students each where limited, different and directed education will be given to the school children in each section. Each smaller school will be set up to deliver a vocational-based curriculum to its student. The student is required to select his career at the beginning of the eighth grade and will remain in that course of study throughout his high school career. There is no provision for the child whose interests changes as he matures.

The IPS system will, under this education system, be different from all the other schools in the state. Should a student from Dime Box, Indiana transfer to the Indianapolis school system in the tenth grade, there will be no place for him to continue his education.

Under the Indiana State Constitution the General Assembly is required to install a “general and uniform” public school system. (See the excerpt from Article VIII, Section I of the Constitution in the sidebar at the left.

An EdAlert: The Law of the Sea Treaty
This terrible treaty, from 1982, has just been resurrected in the Senate by Senator Lugar’s Foreign Relations Committee. Read my letter to him at www.edalert.com/alert. As more information comes available it will be posted in its own section on this site.