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A Response to:
Nip Problem in bud...

Indy Star, 7/30/06

An Introduction to the
North American Union

A Letter to Senator Lugar regarding the Law of the Sea Treaty

Senator Lugar's Response

Rebuttal Letter to Senator Lugar

A full listing of letters from around the state coming soon!

We are working quickly to provide you access to information and letters concerning the state of the educational system in Indiana and other state.




Without you the Indiana P-16 Plan is coming.

Indiana EdAlert has determined that the Indiana P-16 Plan is so inclusive, that it will affect every school in every county in the state and that everyone in the state should be aware of what affect it will have upon them and their children. Therefore, EdAlert has decided to make its services available to a correspondent in every county of Indiana. Anyone in any of the ninety-one counties of Indiana who cares for the future of the local children can apply. We welcome anyone to send an article or letter to us at info@edalert.com and we will publish it.

Tell us what is going on with the education system in your county. How well is the local school system functioning?
Have Smaller Learning Centers (SLC) been installed in the local schools?
Are the schools teaching mandatory vocational training?
Has a Kindergarten been incorporated in each school yet?
The P-16 Plan demands that it be mandatory for ALL children. Has your school board discussed the Indiana P-16 Plan?
Are the members even aware of it?
Do they know that they are headed for the trash bin?
Have they accepted federal NCLB funds?
Have they contacted their state representative or senator? Have you?