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Government Mental Health Screening Comments from Connecticut

(NEW) Missing: Required Information from the TEENSCREEN Proposal

Children’s Social, Emotional & Behavioral Health Plan

A Response To:  Indiana Commission on Mental Health

Indiana P-16 Plan

Smaller Learning Centers

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Introduction to the Indiana P-16 Plan:

You are about to read the Indiana P-16 Plan for Improving Student Achievement as published by the Indiana edRoundtable. Before you read it we would like to offer our suggested education plan for your consideration. After you have finished reading the P-16 Plan please compare the two and email us your final judgment. We think:

A Successful Education Plan Must:

  1. Improve student academic education. (This is the primary goal and must be the main subject throughout any plan.)
  2. Reduce remedial education rates throughout the education system.
  3. Recognize teacher competence. (Return teachers to professional status.)
  4. Return to the pre-1995 ISTEP test.
  5. Require no new governmental structures.
  6. Reduce managerial overhead.

That’s all there is to it.
It doesn’t require new expenses or tax increases. It is self-explanatory.

Click here to read the Indiana P-16 Plan

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A Brief History of School-to-Work (The Education Takeover)

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